DEMA MAKİNA & İNŞAAT LTD. is an engineering, procurement and construction company mainly active in the petrochemical industry.

DEMA's fields of activity include industrial plants, storage tanks, piping, steel construction, pressure vessels and mechanical installation.

DEMA Makina was founded in 1989 by four schoolmates after their graduation from the Istanbul Technical University. From its early days onwards, DEMA has built up a diverse customer portfolio which includes the Sise Cam Group, Turkish Ministry of Defense, local municipalities and the Central Bank of Turkey in the public sector; and a variety of companies in the private sector, in areas such as industrial production (cement, fertilizer, lime among others), transportation and tourism.

Dema has shifted its activities from mechanical and steel works in the aforementioned fields to the petrochemical industry following the upwards trend of large investments to this area.

DEMA has been working with Tupras since 1994 to the present day and it has implemented various projects in this period of time in all of Tupras refinery locations (Batman, Kirikkale, Izmit, Izmir).

From the day of its foundation, DEMA has been in a state of perpetual growth regarding its technical expertise as well as the quality of its employees and increased its production capabilities accordingly.

DEMA's headquarters are located in Besiktas, whereas its production facilities are grouped in a recently built factory in Dilovasi, Gebze. This compound facility is active since March, 2012 and offers cutting, rolling, welding, testing, sandblasting, painting and heat treatment services in its 6500 m2 of indoor space with a special consideration for health, safety and environment concerns which makes DEMA an impeccable solution partner for various industrial production projects.

Today DEMA is mainly focused to the following fields:

  • Storage tanks and Pressure vessels (API Atmospheric Storage Tanks, AWWA Storage Tanks, Jet Fuel Storage Tanks, Silos)
  • Oil filling facilities (Tanker, Train)
  • Steel construction (Steel Buildings, Platforms, Pipe Racks)
  • Piping (Underground Piping, Process Piping, Off-Site Piping)
  • Mechanical works (Equipment Installation, Heat Exchanger Fabrication-Installation-Maintenance)

In the recent years, the prominent works of DEMA have been turn key projects for large petrochemical facilities. Due to its 25 years of experience in this field, DEMA has been offering a variety of services such as engineering, design, procurement, production, testing and commissioning.

DEMA has been expanding its business to an international capacity for the past decade. In addition to an individually conducted construction project in Kazakhstan and some production works for industrial facilities in Iraq and Azerbaijan, DEMA is carrying out at the present some turn key projects in newly constructed power plants in Turkmenistan and Libya.

Building on its background and experience, DEMA plans to pursue this expansion trend especially in target areas such as Middle East, Turkic Republics, Russia, Central Asia and North Africa.