Our factory in Dilovası has the capacity to manufacture the complete set of materials for the construction of a tank field. The machinery involved in this process includes CNC cutters, welding groove cutters, plate bending, profile bending, SAW tractor and SAW column. Materials out of the production line get transferred to the sand blasting/painting section and subjected to surface preparation in accompaniment of a painting inspector. Other equipment of petrochemical industry such as drums, heat exchangers or steam units are also in our scope of production.   

Dema manages also to do custom production upon request.

Some numeric informations about our production capacity are as follows: 

Manufacturing area: 6.500 m2

Workforce: 40 blue-collar, 10 white-collar (The capacity is 100 employees)

Lift Capacity: 20 tons by hall

Steel Rolling: Max. thickness is 40 mm

Transportation: Possible to carry 5,5 metres of diameter in-plant manufacturing with Low Bed 

General Production Statistics

     - Annual Steel Processing: 3.000 tons

     - Volume: 5.000 tons of tank fabricated

     - Tank Coating Applied: Epoxy painting