Preceding the installation, DEMA completes the civil works including groundbreaking and filling. Prefabricated elements then get transported to the field and installed by DEMA's experienced installation team.  

Our scaffold design and construction capacity certified according to the standard TS EN 12811-1 enables us to meet the demands of the customers for different types of scaffolds.

Welding work in the field is done under adequate protection from open air conditions. All welders are subject to regular certification programs to ensure that we are working with qualified personnel.

Heat treatment and painting can be done on the field. After the installation, DEMA undertakes hydrostatic and penetrator tests and NDT controls. The completion of the tests is followed by the filling of the tank and turning the field over to the customer.

For a part of the field work, subcontractors can be hired which operate under the supervision of our project manager and are also accredited by the customer.

All this erection process is under constant supervision of our project manager and our site manager. HSE precautions are regarded with utmost importance and the subcontractors we are working with are monitored in this respect. Employees of the subcontractors are also subject to our safety regulations and take part in our trainings.